X-Trowel Trapezio

RM 250.00 RM 270.00

Trapezio shaped special stainless steel trowel. 

- Special stainless steel blade
- Anti-scratch rounded corners blade
- Rectified edges
- Poplar wood handle
- Laser engraved wood handle for best grip
- Smart black nikel-plated aluminum alloy fork

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The common trowels on the market will easily spoil your work done with undesidered black stripes. This won’t happen using Xtrowel because of its special stainless steel blade formula, which molecular structure is completely different from the common steel. And it is also very lightweight to use because of the patterned poplar wood handle, in order to to relieve arm fatigue.

It’s suitable for venetian plaster, white lime based plaster and for resin and microcement, specifically.